Life is a game.

Money is how
we keep score.

Some people wish
it would happen.

Other people make it happen.

Don't simply retire
from something;

Have something to retire to.

"A gold watch is the most appropriate gift for retirement, as its recipients have given up so many of their golden hours in a lifetime of service."

Harry Mahtar
American Humorist

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What’s That Triangle Thing?

an 18th century sextant

You may notice the triangular shaped device on our business cards and throughout the website. It’s a Sextant, a device invented in the 18th Century. It was a major innovation in navigation that allowed sailors to pinpoint their exact position at sea and to navigate to their destination.

For us, it symbolizes the importance of knowing where you are financially and having a method to navigate to your destination.

You may think that modern GPS Systems have made the sextant irrelevant. If so, you will be surprised to hear that the US Navy still trains its officers in “Celestial Navigation” since there is no way yet to hack the stars.


“The best part of being an independent LPL Financial advisor is that I can make objective, impartial decisions about what is best for my clients”

-- Raymond Singh
LPL Financial
Scottsdale, AZ